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Review of April Fools

17 Dec 2013
DISCLAIMER - I really like this author and would even consider her to be a friend. However, my review is still 100% honest and is my true feelings about the book. If I didn't think I could be unbiased about her book then I wouldn't have agreed to review it in the first place.

This is book 2 in a duology, to read my review for book 1 go here - Proceed with caution if you haven't yet read April Showers.

April Fools by Karli Perrin


Love. Hate. Fear. Fate.

All four letter words.

All consuming.

Naked to the eye, they have the power to control the heart and destroy the soul.

April Adams is about to experience them like never before.

When everything in April's life goes up in smoke, she is faced with some life changing decisions.

Join April as she continues her journey of love and loss.


Overall I really enjoyed April Fools. I didn't love it quite as much as April Showers but I felt it was a good ending to April's story.

The Good

Isaac and April have some great chemistry; this book has steamy sex scenes and also very beautiful romantic moments. This book is all about the romance and the romance works incredibly well. This book doesn’t have the love triangle of book 1 as April has now made her choice. That means there is more focus on the relationship development which I liked.

***SPOILER IF YOUHAVENT READ BOOK 1*** Lukas. I was very glad he survived the house fire at the end of April Showers. He is just such a wonderful character that it was great to see more of him in this book. I don’t know if the author plans to do a spin off series as is so common these days but I would love to see a book that focuses on Lukas.
Fantastic supporting characters. April Fools introduces us to a great new character – Aprils brother. He was lovely, funny and a highlight of the book in my opinion. I do love a story with well developed secondary characters.

The Bad
There wasn’t really anything bad about this book but I wanted more. More of what you ask? Just more. It was very short, more along the lines of a novella than a full story and this made it feel a little rushed due to how much everything had been built up in book 1.

I felt like the book would have been more satisfying if it had been longer, stretched over a greater period of time with more tension and greater development of the storyline.
I still enjoyed it though.

The Ugly
This book didn’t have anything that was terrible. I would recommend it to NA romance fans who are after a quick read. I did really like this 2 book series and I am looking forwards to seeing what Karli will write next.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating in any way.*

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About the Author

Karli Perrin is a 25 year old English Language & Linguistics graduate from Manchester, England. She has always been a big lover of books and is the author of the 'April' series. 
She is a big believer of fate and is a sucker for a happy ending. She honestly believes that there is a reason why you are reading this right now (apart from the fact that you are awesome!)
Her ultimate goal in life is to live in a house made entirely out of books with her best friend, who also happens to be her fiancé.
...Hogwarts is plan B.


  1. I have the first book but haven't read it yet because I knew it ended as a cliffhanger. So now I can get the new book and read the series. I wasn't sure how long it was. (And no, I didn't read the review. I checked out your rating, Laura. That was good enough for me.)

  2. Great review. I liked this one better than the first book. I am glad Lukas was okay to.


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