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Final NetGalley November Update

1 Dec 2013

It is December 1st which means NetGalley November is now over.

If you have been following my progress then you know that I haven't been doing very well and it seemed like I wouldn't make my target of 16. This week I did really good and read NINE books. Here are the books I read in the final week (well just over a week).

Across the entirety of November I read the following books from NetGalley.
If you can count (I'm assuming you can :P) then you can see that is 16 books which means I MET MY TARGET!
Even though NetGalley November is now over I am still going to be making an effort to keep on top of the books I have. Throughout December I am going to try to get reviews submitted for all of these books as well as a few older ones I read but didn't review. That should take me close to the 80% recommended feedback and then in the new year I will try to stay at around that point.
If you have done a NetGalley November wrap up / final update add it to the linky so we can see how you did!


  1. Wow you got a lot of books read this month! I also plan on making sure to read some Netgalley books in December so I can up my ratio even more.

  2. Laura, you did fantastic! Congrats!

  3. Well done :-) That's brilliant Laura!

  4. Wow you really pulled it out of the bag in the final week!
    Well done for fulfilling your goal, despite all the other things you had going on.


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