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My Christmas Reads

18 Dec 2013
Last week I finished University for a lovely 4 week holiday. The past 3 months have been so hectic that I am really looking forwards to just relaxing, enjoying the holidays and reading.
I thought it would be nice to share with you all the books I plan to read over the next month (partially to make sure I actually do it!). Some are review books and others are books I bought myself (in some cases a very long time ago) but haven't had time to read yet due to review commitments.
If you think any of these books like something you would enjoy and you would be interested in buddy reading with me then let me know. It would be so fun to discuss a book as we go along reading it!
(Ebooks) These three are all New Adult novels that I received for review roughly around the time of going back to Uni in October. I hope to get them all read soon so I can do reviews for them. They are a mix of different genres, Removed is sci-fi, Only For You is contemporary romance and Azure is a light paranormal romance. They sound great and I don't want to wait any longer to read them!
(Paperbacks) These are all sequels in series where I loved the first / first few books. I bought all of these for myself (Scent of Magic last Christmas!) other than Through The Ever Night which was a Birthday present back in June. This Christmas I AM treating myself to reading them :P

(Paperbacks) These are all paperback review copies that I am really excited to get diving into. Just look at them! :D


I am also going to try to read at least 4 books that I already have from NetGalley. I just don't know which ones yet.


(Very well read, battered, falling apart hardbacks) The past two years I have re-read a favourite series over the Christmas holidays and this fantasy trilogy is what I have chosen for this year. I really do love them and I'm feeling a little fantasy deprived at the moment so these are perfect. I have already read book 1 and will be moving onto my re-read of book 2 soon.

Fun fact - I have read this trilogy roughly 20 times. I first read these books when I was 14 with no way to buy my own books so I had to re-read a lot. These books were re-read back to back for about 3 months, an overall total of 13 times. They have been read nearly yearly since then also.

No other books comes close to how many times I have read these and probably never will as I don't tend to reread any more.


(Ebook) I couldn't finish this list without mentioning my December Debut of the Month novel which I hope to read sooner rather than later (In December that is!)

There are a few other books I would like to get read if possible (mainly review books) but these are the one that I WILL read. Or at least try my hardest to :P

Feel free to share your recommendations of where to start as well as your Christmas reads.


  1. I want to read Rumor Has It. But rumor has it my TBR pile will revolt if I add another one to it before I make it smaller. *sighs*

    Have a great Christmas break, Laura.

    1. Stina - if you figure out a way to dwindle the TBR pile down please let me know! LOL I'm in the same boat...I have SO many unread books in my Kindle that it's stressful! ;)

  2. Good luck getting through all those books! A holiday full of reading sounds just about perfect to be honest. Enjoy your break!

    - Wattle @ Whimsical Nature

  3. Such great books here! I'm so glad you'll get to read REMOVED over break :)

  4. I love the Penryn & the End of Days series. Hope you enjoy the sequel :D

    Angel @ Spare Reads

  5. Thanks for the mention, Laura. I'm hoping to get to Allegiant this month although I'm scared! LOL Loved the first two in the series and I've heard I'll either love or hate this one. ;)

  6. Nice list! And OMG, you will love Rule. Im about to start Rome, just gotta get to a stopping point in the book Im reading already.

    Celestial Reviews


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