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Who Wants To Be My New Guest Reviewer?

2 Aug 2013
So, as you may know, recently I have been considering maybe taking on a co-blogger to share Bookish Treasures with. In fact, on Tuesday I wrote a post about co-blogging vs. going it alone.

From all the discussions and thinking it through I have decided not to get a co-blogger just yet. However I have decided to take on another guest reviewer kind of like Hannah who you will have occasionally seen a review from.

So, that means I want you! I am looking for someone who can review one book a week with the potential to write the occasional discussion post if they wish and possibly even get involved with blog features such as Waiting on Wednesday. If we get on well and things work out then the guest reviewer could possibly become a full co-blogger with administrative rights to the blog.

Are you interested yet? At the moment my blog focuses on mainly YA and NA books so you must be passionate about at least one of those categories but you can review almost all genres. You can review books you have obtained yourself and I also have a large virtual pile of books I have received to review that you can have access to. You also should be able to request review copies from publishers.

My only solid requirements: You must speak fluent language, no author bashing in reviews, absolutely NO PLAGIARISM of other peoples reviews.

Also, at some point I plan to have my blog redesigned so don't be put off if you don't like the look of my blog :P If you are a co-blogger by that point we can decide what we would like together. I am also considering the possibility of switching to wordpress but for now I am sticking with blogger. This is another thing that can be discussed if you become a co-blogger.

If you have any questions please leave a comment and I will answer it the best I can. Oh and to all you people who blog already, please can you share this with people you think may be interested. Thank you!

If you are interested please complete the form below. This will be open for a few weeks (or longer if no one is interested).

If you are having problems with the form you can also access it via this link.


  1. Just hit the link to try to fill out the form, but it said it was no longer accepting applicants. Just wondering if you've found someone or are still looking.


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