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Meet My New Guest Reviewers!

14 Aug 2013
As most of you will probably know, recently I have been looking for a guest reviewer for this blog. I put out a call for applications and had 17 which was so many more than I expected (though admittedly one was a duplicate and another was my boyfriend attempting to be funny :P). Everyone who applied was amazing and it was impossible to choose only one person. So I chose two!


Amanda Alberti

I’m a 23 year old university graduate from the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I love books, especially those with a happy ending; I’m a sucker for happy endings. I am constantly reading and my friends joke about me always having a book in my hand.  The New Adult genre is an obsession of mine, probably since these books are so relatable to the place I am currently at in my life. I will however read almost anything as long as it comes with a good recommendation. My Kindle is at times my most prized possession and I can easily go weeks without picking up a paperback book. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love print books, I even have boxes and boxes of them, that will one day make up a bookcase in my house.

Katie Pothier

I'm 31 and am an engineer and mother to two young boys.  I reside in the southeastern United States but am a transplant so you won't hear any y'all's out of me. I took a very long hiatus from reading books for pleasure until recently when I rediscovered the joy of escaping with a good book.  I have been devouring books like a fiend ever since.  I'm a sucker for romance of most any variety unless it's some bizarro alien/extreme fantasy because I can't quite manage that big of a disconnect from reality (must be the analytical engineer side showing....). Everything else is fair game!


I think you will all love Amanda and Katie's reviews and they will be a great new element to the blog. Give them both a welcome!

Now that there are more reviewers at Bookish Treasures we are reopening to review requests.

Thank you to everyone else who applied :) Keep reading!


  1. That's so great to see the Bookish Treasures' family growing! :)
    Congrats ladies! I'm sure you will have an amazing time with Laura.

    1. I am looking forwards to sharing their first reviews with you all :)

  2. Thanks for the opportunity Laura!

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