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Why I Think Traditional Publishing Will Never Die

6 Jun 2013
So several weeks ago I started writing a blog post about self-publishing vs having a book professionally published and why I believe traditional publishing will never disappear. It was a semi-coherent ramble that included a few of the following points.

The self published books that achieve the most success have normally (though not always) been professionally edited, formatted and have had covers made by designers. This is a lot of money upfront that the author doesn't have to pay if they go the traditional publishing route.

Authors seem to prefer the traditionally published route; all the indie bestselling author quickly sign up with a top agent and then publisher. It takes a lot of stress off authors and allows them to just be writers. Being traditionally published is also the easiest way to get your book available in bookstores around the world.

Anyway, I wasn't exactly happy with the post when I stumbled across video by John Green where he explains that he wouldn't be where he is today (In a book writing sense) without traditional publishing. So I thought the best thing would be to scrap my post and just let you all watch some John Green instead :P


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  2. I agree. I'm thinking traditional publishers will begin to follow the marketing strategy of BluRay and begin providing the ebook with every hardcover. No one wants traditional publishing or books to die!!!

    *sigh* I love John Green!!! DFTBA

  3. I don't think traditional publishing is going away either. Some people like to browse through the enormous pile of indie books out there and discover new talent - most people will prefer to read some nice traditionally published book that has been selected and considered good enough by the gatekeepers.


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