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NA Crush Tourney - Team Chase

20 Jun 2013
The amazing people at the NA Alley blog are running the first ever NA Crush Tourney and I am going to be one of the advocates! I will be advocating Chase, the sexy redeemed bad boy from Taking Chances by Molly McAdams who also has his side of the story shared in Stealing Harper. You can check out my reviews of both of these incredible books here (Taking Chances) and here (Stealing Harper).

The full list of the characters taking part and their advocates can be found here. All the Crushes are amazing but I still want Chase to win! The first match that Chase is participating in is on June 25th and if we get through to round 2 then the second match will be on July 2nd. Please help Chase (and me! :P) to win or at least get as far into the tournament as possible by voting. Either follow my blog by email to see my posts the day of each match or you can follow NA Alley to see the posts for every single match.


How to Help

As you can see I am not very good at creating buttons and banners, if you can create any please email me at . You can send completed buttons and banners if you wish!
  1. Vote! Visit on June 25th and vote for Chase!
  2. Show your love! Grab a team Chase button and put it on your blog/set it as your twitter or facebook picture. There are also some banners that are perfectly sized for use as a facbook cover photo. You can also feel free to make your own Team Chase buttons and banners. I would recommend linking any on blogs to the NA Alley home page as that will be where people can vote.
  3. Get sharing! Let all of your friends know about the competition by doing facebook posts and tweets. This is the most important on days that Chase is competing; on June 25th let every know where to go to vote for Chase.
  4. Bloggers <3 Chase! If you are a blogger please show your support for team chase by doing a blog post on the day of his first match (and if you want to, any other matches that he gets through to). You can either repost mine that will be going up both here on my blog and on or you can create one of your own with a link to NA Alley where your followers can read the official post and vote.
  5. Why do you love Chase?! Let me know what it is about Chase that you love, favourite quote's etc. so that I can make the best possible post that I can to encourage people to vote for him.
  6. Join Team Chase! Join the new goodreads group Team Chase - We can all discuss our love of Taking Chances and Stealing Harper as well as helping Chase to get as far in the tournament as possible. This is Chase's street team! I thougt it would be a little more fun and interactive to do it as a goodreads group rather than just have a mailing list. 




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