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Blogaversary Celebrations - Excerpt from When You Loved Me

29 Jun 2013

When You Loved Me by Terra Lorin 


Songwriter Brooke Davenport’s fiancĂ© has left her for another woman. She’s devastated, but this is not the first time a man she’s loved has broken her heart.

Tristan Jameson, her brother’s best friend, crushed her dreams on the seventeenth summer of her life when he disappeared without so much as a phone call or note to her, or her brother. What could’ve happened that he left in such haste—especially after finally winning him over to confess his love for her?

Now he’s back in town and Brooke wants an explanation. Will she be able to forgive him? After having been jilted twice by the two men she trusted her heart to, will she ever give her trust and love to a man ever again—much less to one who hurt her once before?

As Brooke and Tristan record her duet song together, memories flood her mind and sensual desires surge through her body for the man who she had a crush on since he was a boy—her first love—the one no girl ever forgets.

ESTIMATED RELEASE DATE: end of July/early August 2013.


Exclusive excerpt from When You Loved Me

“What the hell were you thinking?” I asked Landon after he came downstairs.

“What do you mean?” He was clueless of my feelings about the whole thing. “We need a male voice and Tristan’s the perfect match for you. Have you forgotten?”

“No, I haven’t forgotten that part, but have YOU forgotten the other part?”

Landon looked me straight in the eyes. “Brooksie, you don’t know the whole story, so hold off your judgments about Tristan,” he told me.

“So, you know more than I do about why he up and left, just like that? He broke my heart, Landon.” Tristan was my first love, my teenage love—the one no girl ever forgets.

“I know. I hurt for you, too, remember?” He looked at me with sympathetic eyes. “But if you knew the truth, you’d forgive him.”

“So if you know the truth, why haven’t you told me?”

“It’s not my place to tell you. Only Tristan can tell you. Just trust me when I say, you’ll understand when that time comes.”

“So he’s going to tell me eventually?” I asked.

“I’m sure he will.”

“So you don’t know for a fact that he’ll tell me.”

“Sis, enough with the badgering. That’s all I’m going to say on the matter. You’ll have to be patient about it.”

“That seems to be your favorite line with me these days,” I said, almost with a laugh, but I was too upset with seeing Tristan again to let one out.

Landon put a supportive hand on my shoulder. “You know you’re the most important person to me. After dad and mom died, it was just the two of us and I’d never hurt you in a million years, or want to see you hurt by anybody else.”

I looked into my brother’s eyes as he spoke so sincerely. Landon had the same color eyes as me, although his were slightly lighter than mine were. I envied his thick curly lashes that should’ve been made for a girl—I had to curl mine. I always wished I had his eyes; they were so dreamy looking, but unfortunately, we can’t order these things at birth.

He pulled me close and hugged me.

“I love you, Brooksie.”

He squeezed me tight.

“I love you, too.”

All my anger dropped at that moment and I squeezed him back. Landon could always pacify my being upset with him. It was a gift—or maybe I was just a pushover.

My brother let go of me, gave me a smile, and headed towards the kitchen.

My thoughts went to Tristan again. Landon said Tristan had a reason for leaving the way he did on that seventeenth summer of my life.

Well, if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to make Tristan tell me the truth. He owed it to me. I know he fell in love with me that summer. What we shared together was too intense—too special.

And I could see it in his eyes today—he still had feelings for me.

Although things have changed for me with having loved Peter for five years, I can’t say that the sight of Tristan doesn’t cause queasiness in my stomach or set an ache to my heart. I think he’ll always turn me into mush. Even throughout my love for Peter, Tristan has never left a part of my heart completely.

My adolescent years had determined what Tristan was to me. Yes, he was my brother’s best friend, but more importantly—he had been my first love—the love I’d never completely let go of.

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  1. What a great tease. This book definitely sounds interesting and I would love to get an early peak at it.

  2. This book sounds good. I would love to take part in her private viewing :) The link is not working to message her my information. Can you repost it please?

  3. I'm going to try to post again (previously this platform wouldn't let me -- *edit* >> Oy, looks like I can only post with Internet Explorer, it won't let me with FireFox.

    Please use the following link to Message me >> P. S. Love

    Laura had fixed the link above, but it's going to my pen name "Terra Lorin" which doesn't have an account setup at Goodreads, so you can't Message me through that profile.

    Jenn is already in, so looking forward to you joining us, Lovely Laura =). Thanks for the interest in my private book viewing, ladies!


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