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Best Books of 2013 (& Giveaway)

31 Dec 2013
Over the past few days I have been celebrating the best of 2013. To finish off I am going to share my favourite reads from this year (not necessarily 2013 releases). I have read 256 this year (according to goodreads) so the are the crème de la crème :D

To find out more about each book simply click on the title below the book cover.
Best YA
By far the best Young Adult novel I have read this year and also it is one of the best dystopian novels that I have read in a long time.
Best Contemporary NA
I loved this sweet NA contemporary romance when I first read it earlier in the year and it truly deserves the title of best contemporary NA novel.
Best Non-Contemporary NA
I love dystopian novels and I love NA novels so combine the 2 together and you have a winning combination. Tara Brown is an author who I discovered this year and though she has many fantastic books, Born with was the first I read is still my favourite. This book is currently free on Amazon!
Best Romance

I don't know of many people who dislike this book. It is an amazing sexy romance with one of the best male leads from any book this year.
Best Fantasy
Brandon Sanderson is in my eyes the best fantasy author ever and his latest release did not disappoint despite my high expectations. Like most of Sanderson's books this is really unique and combines Urban Fantasy and dystopian elements to create one of my favourite reads (and releases) of this year.
Best Romantic Suspense
This 2013 release by The Edge Of Never author J.A Redmerski completely blew me away and its sequel was equally spectacular. I want more books like this!
Best Dark Romance
This fall 2013 debut came out of nowhere and did spectacularly well and I really enjoyed it. It isn't for the faint hearted due to some very dark subject matter but it is a great book if dark is your kind of thing.
Best Ending to a Series
I read all of this trilogy this year and they just get better with each and every book. Whilst some series ending fell flat this year, Convicted was incredible and a worthy end to the trilogy.
Best "Late in a Series"
Long series' can get boring after a few book but 8 books in and Chicagoland Vampires is still going strong. I really loved this book (probably more than the first in the series actually) and am now really eager for book 9.

Best Plot Twist


This book completely surprised me with its un-guessable twists and turns. Such a fantastic book!

My Review
Most Emotional Read
This doesn't really need explaining does it :P
Left Me Most Desperate For Book 2
This was an amazing book by one of my favourite authors and the cliffhanger ending had me begging the world for the sequel to somehow magically appear in my hand. This was by far one of my favourite reads of 2013 and I am still anxiously awaiting book 2 :)

Special Mentions
There are a few books that didn't quite make the top spot in any of the above categories but I thought deserved a mention anyway.
The Homecoming Masquerade
This was an amazon freebie and was really surprisingly good! Along with the 2nd and 3rd books it is mysterious, intriguing and oh so unique.
Secret For a Song
If it wasn't for TFIOS this book would have been my most emotional read of 2013. It is incredibly moving, eye opening and such a beautiful story. This book actually isn't available at the moment because it was picked up by an agent (:D) but will hopefully be available again in the not to far away future.
Either Side of Midnight
This book really surprised me and was so much better than I was expecting. I loved the suspense, the plot line and the writing style.
Stealing Harper
This was a hard book to read as because it is an alternate pov book I already knew how it was going to end and didn't exactly want to have to read that again after Taking Chances. I'm so glad I read this book as it was so beautiful and had me sobbing my heart out at times.
I loved this sweet YA paranormal romance and I am still kicking myself that I left it years to read this! This is currently free on Amazon.
So what were YOUR favourite books of 2013?
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Best Covers of 2013 (& Giveaway)

30 Dec 2013
Continuing my "Best of 2013" posts, today I am sharing my favourite covers. These are all 2013 releases (I have not necessarily read them) that have - in my opinion - exceptionally pretty, intriguing or eye catching covers.
To find out more about each book click on the title underneath its image.
The Elites

A Shade Of Blood


Forever Jack

Killing Sarai

The Forgotten Ones

The Ghost Bride

The Thrill Of It
Siege and Storm

The Bane

Tempt The Stars

Never Too Far

Tears of Tess
Dance of Shadows


Mila 2.0


Gameboard of the Gods
2014 is looking to be an amazing year for book covers as some stunning ones have already been revealed. What are you favourite book covers from this year.


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Review of The Other Me

29 Dec 2013


Fifteen-year-old Treasa Prescott thinks she's an alien. She doesn’t fit in with the preppy South African private school crowd and feels claustrophobic in her own skin. Treasa is worried she might spend life as a social pariah when she meets Gabriel du Preez. Gabriel plays the piano better than Beethoven, has a black belt in karate, and would look good wearing a garbage bag. Treasa thinks he’s perfect. It might even be love, as long as Gabriel doesn't find out she's a freak.

As Treasa spends time with Gabriel, she realizes she might not love him as much as she wants to be him, and that the reason she feels uncomfortable in her skin might have less to do with extra-terrestrial origins and more to do with being born in the wrong body.

But Gabriel is not the perfect boy Treasa imagines. He harbors dark secrets and self-destructive tendencies. Still, Treasa might be able to accept Gabriel’s baggage if he can accept who she longs to be.


The Other Me is definitely one of the more unique books that I have read this year. Part teenage angst, part romance and part a journey of complicated self discovery, it follows Treasa, a social misfit who hates the body that she was born into and is near convinced that she is an alien. I think that by taking it a few steps past the norm, Suzanne Van Rooyen has perfectly encapsulated the teenage feeling of being different and that no one understands you.

I loved that this book didn't just focus on Treasa but was also from the point of view of Gabriel, a boy with a few problems of his own. I do greatly enjoy dual pov books as it is nice to see events from the perspective of more than one person. This book had a large focus on teenagers overcoming there problems without it coming across too much like a morality.

As this book is set in South Africa there is some slang that can at times be hard to understand. It didn't affect my enjoyment of the story however and there is a glossary of terms at the start of the book for if you get overly confused.

The Other Me is a great book that isn't afraid to shy away from the gritty aspects of teenage life such as bullying, drugs and sex. For me I felt that the ending was a little rushed and I would have liked to see just a few more chapters but it was more than satisfying and believable enough.

This book most certainly wont be for everyone but I enjoyed it. It is very well written and is a fresh, unique story that I would recommend.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This has not affected my opinions or rating in any way.*

Try it for yourself! Goodreads | Amazon | Amazon UK

About the Author

Suzanne is an author and peanut-butter addict from South Africa. She currently lives in Finland and finds the cold, dark forests nothing if not inspiring. Although she has a Master’s degree in music, Suzanne prefers conjuring strange worlds and creating quirky characters. When not writing you can find her teaching dance and music to middle-schoolers or playing in the snow with her shiba inu. She is rep'd by Jordy Albert of the Booker Albert Agency.

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This week I did not get ANY review books or any from NetGalley. I was too busy with Christmas really :P As usual if you click on the book cover you will be taken to the books Amazon page (or goodreads if it isn't yet on amazon).

Only 2 freebies this week but both sound really good.

After receiving the paperback of Some Girls Bite for Christmas I decided to read it first and then went on to rereading my kindle editions of the later books in the series. I never got further than book 5 so I bought myself the 6th yesterday. Loving it so far!

Very excited to have received the signed paperback of Mine that I won in November :D
Other than The High Lord which my boyfriend got for me, all the other gifts are from my UKYA Book Blogger Secret Santa. Thank you whoever you are!