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Vote For Chase in the NA Crush Tournament!

25 Jun 2013
Today is the day! I am advocating for Chase from Taking Chances in the NA Crush Tournament and today is the day of his first match! Please read my post on why he should win and then go vote for him at , my post is there also.

Please help me get Chase to at least the next round. He is one of my favourite characters from an absolutely incredible book. Even people who hate the book often love Chase. You can also check out my reviews for Taking Chances and Stealing Harper which are the two books he is in.

My Post

Hi! I’m Laura and I run the blog Bookish Treasures as well as the New Adult book club on goodreads. I am a YA and NA blogger from England and I am always looking for a new book to fan-girl about. I love NA books as they have amazing story lines, high emotions and of course the best book boyfriends. I am here today to tell you why you should vote for Chase, the much loved bad boy from Taking Chances.

Chase is utterly gorgeous. He has bright blue eyes, dark blond hair, a perfect smile, and a muscular, toned body that would make a Greek god jealous. Oh and just to top off all that deliciousness he also has several tattoos.
"I turned my head to see the most recent encounter and found myself being glared at by the most beautiful blue eyes I’d ever seen.”

“My breaths were already quickening just feeling his sculpted body pressed against mine.”


“He is easily the most attractive guy I’ve ever seen. He had that bad boy model look going for him, and unfortunately he knew it.”

“Rugged surfer, with dirty blonde shaggy hair, impossibly blue eyes, the most breath taking smile you’ve ever seen and cover him in tattoos. I’ll take that please… Just thinking about his tattoos had me biting my lip and fantasizing again about tracing them with my fingers.”


Chase’s exterior may be that of a tattooed, womanizing bad boy but he is actually really kind and caring. He covers up his more vulnerable side with a cocky attitude and snarky comments. He is almost every woman’s fantasy; the sexy bad boy who will be loyal, love you forever and will always do what is the best for you. Even if that includes hurting himself in the process.

“That first night, I did realize I would never meet another girl like you. But you deserve someone who has waited for you as long as you have waited for them. And no matter how much I wish I could be that guy, I can’t Harper.”

Inside he has a huge heart. He is a lovely person and really cares for his parents and he treats those he cares for really well.

“He was hilarious, sweet and an incredible artist. Listening to him banter back and forth with his dad usually left the rest of us in tears and he treated his mom, Bree and I with such respect it was mind blowing. If anyone’s drinks started getting low, he was already refilling it, he always made sure we were comfortable and had everything we needed, and his kisses on his mom’s cheeks had to be the most loving thing I had ever seen come from him."

He has to deal with the girl he loves dating one of his best friends and he takes everyone else’s feeling into consideration before his own as he does not want to hurt anyone. He may struggle with things sometimes but he just wants the girl he loves to be happy even if that is with someone else.

”Sundays are the only day I get with you. Those are the only days when you’re here with me.” I opened my mouth but he stopped me. “No, I know you’re not here for me… but you’re here. And he’s not” He bent his knees so we were eye to eye. “I need these days with you Harper. But every other day, you’re his and it’s not a good idea for us to be around each other then. So stay away. Please.”  
“If you think acting like you don’t exist isn’t the hardest thing I have ever done, you’re wrong. I hate not talking to you, I hate not bickering like we’re an old married couple and I hate not spending every day right next to you. But this is how it has to be, Brandon hates me, and Princess trust me when I say I have every reason to. So if after everything I’ve done to you, you’ll still even consider being my friend, then it has to be Sundays only."

And of course he is unbelievably seductive; even a nun would struggle to resist his charms.
“”Why keep fighting the inevitable baby? You want me. Even now your body is shaking because you’re trying to keep yourself from touching me.” Brushing the tips of his fingers across my hand he smiled. “One touch from me and you are covered in goose bumps. Tell me now that you want me to go away.”

So Chase is unbeatably good looking and is a sexy bad boy who is also kind, sweet and romantic. He is the complete package, the ultimate NA book crush. He is also a talented artist and he loves to surf which means he can be often found on the beach in very little clothing.
Sweet and loving
There is one last reason that you should vote for Chase over all the other admittedly amazing characters in this competition. He doesn’t exactly have the happily ever after that most characters in this tournament got. More than anyone else he deserves and needs to have something good happen to him. So do your good deed for the day – and vote for Chase.  
If that is still not enough to persuade you to vote for Chase then maybe you need to see his strong muscles one more time ;)
Thank you to Charlie Keller aka Chase for allowing me to use these pictures. 
So please vote for Chase, I don't want to leave the tournament in round 1! I want a few more people to discover these amazing books first :) If you also love Chase please share this post and encourage people to vote for him. Thank you!

If you share to vote for Chase in the tournement I will enter you in a giveaway to win $5 amazon gift card. Just tweet, blog or facebook post that you have voted for Chase and that everyone else should too and post a link to it in the comments. Please include the link to the vote

I suggest "I voted for Chase in the #NACrushTourney and you should too! #TeamChase"


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