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Review of Moonshine

28 Feb 2014


Innocence taken...
A tragedy happened...
A heart is left broken...
Is love enough to survive?

Shine Craven has to learn this the hard way. One tragic day leaves her questioning her strength and her sanity. She is left fighting an internal battle that she believes can't be won.

Her best friend thinks that he loves her enough to save her, but sometimes sweet words just aren't enough. Once he hears her secret, will he still believe that love will heal her or will the truth be too much for him to handle?

Sometimes when we are faced with such horrible events we force ourselves to overcome, but at what cost? Will he stay or will he go? Find out if love is enough.

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Shine goes through something that no person should ever have to deal with ever in their life. Her way of coping is to basically shut down. She can’t tell anyone, especially not her best friend. It’s more than a question of whether or not her best friend will believe her, it’s whether or not she wants to destroy his life right along with her own.

Ryker, or Moon as Shine calls him, is one of those guys who any girl would love to have in their life. Despite the way that Shine treats him, he is always there fighting in her corner. He does make a stupid decision, but he quickly redeems himself as one of the good ones.

He has loved Shine, pretty much since the day that they met when they were very young. He was finally planning to tell Shine about his feelings but life got in the way and tragedy strikes instead. You can see the love that he has for Shine throughout the entire book as he struggles with not being in her life.

Shine pushes Moon out of her life as she does everything about her old life. She wants to forget what happened to her, and by doing so she changes the person she used to be. She becomes a loner, just functioning, not really enjoying life and everything that it has to offer.

The story was enticing from beginning to end. You couldn’t help but root for Shine and Moon to work everything out. It takes time for Shine to overcome the horrible situation that caused her downward spiral.

The only part of the book that was a little off putting was between Shine and her friend Bradley (or Johnny). He was openly gay and worked to help her overcome her own insecurities. Through doing this, they also had sex and I felt like this almost took away from the story, and her friendship with Johnny.

Overall the book was enjoyable, emotional and overall a great book to get sucked into. I laughed, I cried, and ultimately I did enjoy everything about the characters, especially Moon. He really had many of the characteristics a topnotch book boyfriend.

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