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Top Ten Favourite Heroines From Books

24 Feb 2015

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish.

1. Vin from the Mistborn series by Brandon Sanderson - The Mistborn trilogy is perfect in every aspect and Vin is the character that leads the story from start to end. Throughout the books she grows from a nervous street urchin with untapped power to a strong and confident young woman who holds the fate of the world in her hands.

2. Lily Ruckler from the Forever Evermore series by Scarlett Dawn - After suffering a massive loss, Lily finds that with that she has been bestowed with a mantel of power and responsibility she never expected to have. I thought that there was simply something relatable about Lily and she has a rawness that feels so real. She is also one heck of a tough cookie :P

3. Evalyn Ibarra from the Chaos Theory series by Sarah Harian - Evalyn is a complex character who is far from perfect. Whilst she is far from the murdering sociopath everyone believes her to be, she also isn't exactly flawless. She loves fiercely and it is very interesting to get inside her head.

4. Samantha Kingston from Before I Fall by Lauren Oliver - Now what I love about Sam is that she is so imperfect. Whilst most protagonists in YA are the shy, misfit, bookish girl Sam is the typical "popular girl" and is vain, selfish and a bully. However Sam is a very complex character, as real people are, and she is also loving and a fiercely loyal friend. Throughout the book Sam learns a lot of life lessons and grows as a person and by the end of the book I guarantee that you will love her.

5. Cass from The Fire Sermon by Francesca Haig - What I loved about her is that whilst she is a "strong female characters" she is also believable and relatable. Rather than having exceptional fighting skills she has to rely on intelligence and sheer determination and there are many facets to her personality including vulnerability.  She is caring, strong and looks deeper at people than what is just on the surface and whilst she has impressive seer powers it is in fact the former of her characteristics which is the most important to the book.

6. Georgia Nicholson from the Confessions of Georgia Nicholson series by Louise Rennison - Now Georgia is fantastic for her funniness. Out of all my favourite characters in both Georgia is the one I wish could be my best friend.

7. Katsa from Graceling by Kristin Cashore - Kristin Cashore writes fantastic heroines and Katsa is the first I ever "met". She is pretty much the definition of kick-ass thanks to being graced with the gift of killing. However her powers have somewhat alienated her from others and made her a tool that everyone wants to use. Despite being an assassin for the king she has a gentle heart. Together these aspects make her the type of female character I love to read about.

8. Lyra Belacqua from the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillic Pullman - What I love about Lyra is her tenacity and the fact that she doesn't do what other people want or expect of her. She is also very smart and pretty good at saving the day!

9. Aelin Galathynius from the Throne Of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas - Aelin is so fantastic due to the different faecets of her personality. Whilst she is an incredibly kick ass character that can take down men twice her size and as in assassin to boot, she also loves to dress up in beautiful clothing and dance the night away.

10. Now as there are more than 10 amazing heroines in books rather than sharing a tenth I want instead to honour all the fantastic characters that I haven't mentioned today and all the amazing heroines hopefully coming in the future!

Do you love these characters also? Let me know your favourite heroines in the comments.


  1. never read any of these books. But they seem interesting and the heroines too.

  2. I LOVE the Throne of Glass series so I'm with you there. :)
    Nice picks.


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