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His Dark Materials Readalong - Announcement

21 Feb 2015
To mark the 20th anniversary of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Phillip Pullman myself and five other bloggers will be hosting a read along for the original trilogy and the related spin off novellas.
I am very excited to be helping host this read along as this series is absolutely incredible and it is about time I read it again. I shall be leading the discussions for The Subtle Knife which is quite apt as it was the first of these books that I read even though it is the second in the trilogy.
We will be starting on March 2nd and spending 1 week on each book. Most discussions will be on twitter under the hashtsag #HDBreadalong - the full schedule including the blogger leading each discussion is below!

Starting Monday 2nd March - Northern Lights with @ChelleyToy & @CometBabesBooks

Starting Monday 9th March - The Subtle Knife with @Loopy_Lu_
Starting Monday March 16th - The Amber Spyglass with @FictionThirst
Starting Monday 23rd March - Lyra's Oxford with @DarkRReviews @PewterWolf13
Starting Monday 30th March - Lyra's Oxford with @DarkRReviews @PewterWolf13

 These books are fantastic so if you don't have them already I highly recommend borrowing them from a friend, going to your local library or purchasing them so that you can participate in the read along.
Make sure you follow all of the bloggers I mentioned above on twitter so that you can follow with the read along! I will be doing some stuff on Instagram so go and follow me there too :D


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