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Kindle Unlimited Book Recommendations (part 1)

9 Feb 2015
Since early 2015 I have been trialling Kindle Unlimited to see if there is enough books on there that I would honestly want to read each month to make it good value for money. Currently I have discovered some fantastic reads and I wanted to share them with you. These are all books I have read and enjoyed (though some I bought in the past rather than reading them recently through KU).
I plan to keep on doing posts like this every so often with new books I have discovered, tried, and loved. Are there any specific genres or type of book that you would like me to look for?
Now on to my recommendations! 
The Hunger Games Series
I'm guessing these books don't need an introduction :P

Cold Mark Serial

NA Sci-Fi Romance. Doesn't really feature much graphic material but things are inferred that may make some people uncomfortable. Each are very short reads ~50 pages.

Bo Blackman Series

Urban Fantasy series focusing on a PI company that has supernatural dealings. Perfect for fans of Chloe Neils Chicagoland Vampires.

The Storm Chronicles

Actually pretty similar to the Bo Blackman series. Also has vampires and other supernatural creatures but this time the main character is a half vampire cop.

Daughters Of Lilith Series

YA paranormal romance series. I have only read book 1 so far but it was pretty good.

The Maze Runner

The awesome YA novel that recently was adapted to film. The sequels are not also on KU but at least you can try this book for relatively free to see if you are interested in buying the others :)

The Mortal Instruments Series

Hugely successful YA series that also probably doesn't need much introduction. If you are a fast enough reader to read these in one month you can save A LOT of money by subscribing to KU for 1 month.


Fantastic YA dystopian novel that is the first in what appears to be a fantastic new series.

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