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Review of Follow Me

5 Nov 2013
Overnight, Calypso "Cal" Morgan's sensual Greek summer abroad turns into a thrilling, high-stakes race to prove to the world (and herself) that her brand-new and very sexy boyfriend Daniel is not a murderer.  On the run together, Cal and Daniel must outwit handsome Greek detective Nico Theseus and face their attraction to each other - amid the stress and growing suspicions unearthed by the investigation.

Beautiful college student Calypso “Cal” Morgan’s semester abroad had quickly become a steamy summer romance on the gorgeous Greek Isle of Naxos until the morning she wakes, after a night of hard partying, to find her new boyfriend, Daniel, in bed with her wild roommate Gia. But far worse than that, he’s completely covered in her blood. Unable to remember what happened and unwilling to leave each other, Cal and Daniel flee with the handsome police detective Nico Theseus close on their heels. Doomed as they seem to be, it seems that Daniel isn’t the only suspect worth hunting down in the first episode in Cara Lockwood’s sexy, suspenseful, and fast-paced e-serial Follow Me.

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Book 1
This book was ok. I was really hoping that would be as thrilling and exciting as the synopsis made it seem but unfortunately it wasn’t. It was a reasonable start to the series but it didn’t really grab me the way that, as a thriller, it should have. One issue I had was that the sex seemed so out of place. I’m not fully sure why but it just felt off, maybe it was due to it occurring so early in the overall story line but I’m not sure.

It’s hard to properly judge this book because you are not getting a whole story. Not only is it incredibly short but it doesn’t even stand alone; it feels like you are simply reading the first few chapters of a book. Because of this I am being quite gentle as it feels much too early to judge this overall story despite the fact I have read novella 1. I am giving this book 3 stars, a generous 3 stars, because I want to reserve further judgement until I have had more than the introduction to Cal’s story.

*I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, this has not affected my opinions or rating  in any way*

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Books 2 – 5

I have now read the rest of the Follow Me serialised novellas and I am still disappointed, in fact more so now I feel like I have actually read a full book and can review it properly. This story had a lot of potential and the idea behind it was great but I feel the execution of it really let the premise down. What should have been a book full of tension, suspense and mystery was instead a story that was too predictable and easy to guess. I had managed to correctly guess who did it by book 2 and I think quite a few other readers will too.
I found the ending to be very unsatisfying. Though the question of who did it was answered very little else was covered and I was left not knowing exactly why. There are so many actions by various characters that aren’t explained as to why they did them. In fact everything actually makes more sense before you know who did the murder as that person’s actions then make minimal sense. Also several things are referred to as if they had been previously mentioned when they aren't. I wish these 5 books had been released as one with more embellishment and explanations; I think I would have enjoyed it a lot more if that had been the case as Follow Me does have potential. One good element of books 2 - 5 is that the sex scenes did seem to fit into the story line a bit better and the ones in book 1 did make more sense.

Honestly, I see no reason why this story was split into 5 short books. They do not stand alone well and together they make a perfect length novel, not something much too long that needed to be split. They also released mere days apart so obviously they had all been written before book 1 released rather than some serials were the author releases each segment after writing and takes reader opinion into account. I have read several other serials such as this and for the first time I feel like this was done as no more than a way to scam me and other readers by having us overall pay more than we would have if this was sold as just 1 book.


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