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Netgalley November week 2 recap

15 Nov 2013
Ok so this week went terribly as I only read 1 book and I haven't actually finished it yet (though hopefully I will have by the time you read this. However this isn't because I am reading other books. I simply haven't read ANYTHING this week because of the piles of work I mentioned last week.

As a bit of good news I have now submitted those 4 pieces of University work so can read again! I am hopeful of being able to read lots of books next week and catch up on my 16+ books goal.

Here is what I read this week -

Again please feel free to recommend which of the following I should read next.

If you have done a week 2 recap post add it to the linky so we can all check it out.


  1. OOOO Remy *Fans self* I love that scenting, territory marking boxer
    I might have to get Mine as a little Christmas gift to myself.
    I would go with Faking It- I love Cora, she is adorable, and FI is her best book yet

  2. Was Remy an Edelweiss or NetGalley book? (I want it! Wait - no I don't. It's totally defeating the purpose! ARGH!)

    Congrats on getting your work done! That's always such a load off the mind, right? I recommend reading The Iron Traitor next. It was FANTASTIC.

  3. One is better than none! A huge well done on finishing all your uni work, that's far more important. I'd go with Iron Traitor or After Eden, just finished After Eden and it was a pretty quick read :)

  4. Don't feel bad Laura! You knocked 1 off of your list :) Did you enjoy Remy? I love this series, and am so excited to get in to Remy's head! You need to read Torn by Kim Karr and Finding It by Cora Carmack!!! I enjoyed both :)

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

  5. One is better than none. At least you've knocked one off your list. Well done on getting all that work done! I know what that's like!

  6. My suggestion for your next read would be Finding It because I really want to read it. :)

  7. Great job! I would recommend Isn't She Lovely. It was great. I have Finding It (NOT from NetGalley) but I haven't read it yet. I've heard nothing but great things though. :)

    NetGalley November Week Two


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