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Netgalley November week 3 recap

22 Nov 2013
Ok so I still didn't do very well this week. All my University work is now complete but I have been busy arranging a book release blitz for my internship and catching up on all the reading that needed doing for some upcoming book tours. The good news is I read lots of incredible books this week and two of them were from NetGalley. I have also read all but one of the books for blog tours so I should be able to read nothing but NetGalley Books this week :D

Here are the 2 I read (You can see the non NetGalley books that I read here) -

Unfortunately this week I also got 4 more books from NetGalley though in my defence I didn't request any of them. I can't wait to read these especially Autumn Rose which is a sequel and Pride's Run which I read 2 years ago when it was self-published so I am interested to see what has changed :)

Again please feel free to recommend which of the following I should read next.
Autumn Rose by Abigail Gibbs
Positively Mine by Christine Duval
Pride's Run by Cat Kalen
Until We End by Frankie Brown
If you have done a week 3 update post add it to the linky so that we can check it out :)


  1. Well done Laura. Any NetGalley reading is good! :-)

  2. Elect looks so good! But, I need to read Elite first! Great job this week , despite school!

  3. I'm glad you got 2 done! That's my problem! For every NetGalley I read, I end up getting two more!! How was Elect? It looks really good! Keep up the hard work, and I can't wait to see the progress that you make next week!

    Here's my post:

    Lindy@ A Bookish Escape

    1. lol I have the same problem Lindy! this week I managed to resist, but only by avoiding those pages completely.

  4. It sound like you are really having a busy November! Two titles is still an achievement. Good luck in the final week of the challenge.
    Ps. I vote (again) that you read Finding It!

  5. Havnt been doing my recaps because Iv been so busy with school and life and being sick and I kind of lost count LOL. However, I did manage to get off the 22 review mark I had been stuck on for a while to a 24 or 25. Im about to add another. In my defense, though, there were a couple of books I couldnt get into so I just used that as my review.

  6. Great job this week! I read two, also… and got four more… :)

    NetGalley November Week 3

  7. You did good. I'm going to try and do an update this week.


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