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We did it!

16 May 2013
So this morning i discovered some amazing news.....





Amazon has officially acknowledged New Adult as a catagory!!! If you go on the main Amazon site (unfortunately not Amazon UK just yet) you can see this.

Currently it can only be found in one place which is as a sub-catagory of romance but it is still a start! Hopefully once we have a lot more non-romance NA's they will include it under other different genres as well. The title is New Adult & College. Whilst not all NA's are set in college i feel this will help give people not yet aware of NA some idea of what to expect.

I think this is amazing news. One small step for New Adult, one giant leap for book kind. It seems that we are finally starting to be taken seriously as a catagory. We have been dominating the bestsellers lists for some time now, publishers are really taking notice and the catagory is getting bigger and better.

I have also heard from a little birdie that Kobo is planning on adding New Adult as a catagory also.

This is it guys, we are here, we are real and we are not planning on going anywhere :D

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  1. This is super exciting, but at the same time I really hope NA moves away from just being under the "romance" section. I think it sort of helps perpetuate the idea that NA is just contemporary romances, and it's not. But hey, it's a start. ;)


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