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Lets make New Adult even more well known!

18 May 2013
Earlier this week can the exciting news that Amazon was acknowledging New Adult as a real category and now we have the chance to make NA even more well known. Goodreads has started doing a monthly YA newsletter - something I am excited about as I love YA - and now they are looking for suggestions of other genres and categories that should get a newsletter here.

I am hoping that eventually all genres and categories will get their own newsletter and they probably will but I worry NA will be overlooked. We are still very new and don't have the longstanding fan base of genres that have existed for many years. What I propose is that everyone who loves NA suggests that we get a newsletter. Spread the word so that everyone knows about it, people who don't know about the YA newsletter wont know that goodreads is taking suggestions. I have already shared the news with all the members of the New Adult book club so IF everyone joins in then that is over 2000 suggestions already.

I hope you will help me to spread the word. Share this post as much as you can or even create your own. Some genres such as romance will probably get a newsletter even if no one suggests it but that probably isn't the case for us. If we get enough suggestions we could be next to get a newsletter and we can further prove to the world we are a real category that is here to stay.


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