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Netgalley & Edelweiss month

15 May 2013

I have decided to take part in Netgalley&Edelweiss month hosted by Book Passion for Life. The aim of this is to read all the books you have recieved from either netgalley or edelweiss. I am probably still going to read some non-netgalley books but I want to read as many in my huge virtual pile as possible, hopefully all!
These are all the netgalley (and 1 from edelweiss) books that I have. Lets see how many i can read!
The Bane by Keary Taylor - read 20/05 - 4.5 stars
Fall Guy by Liz Reinhardt - read 24/05 - 3.5 stars
Wait For You by J.Lynn - read 17/05 - 5 stars
I also have a few that I have already read but need to review so I thought I would list those also.
Wish me luck with trying to get through all these within a month and what books do you recommend I start with?


  1. Wow what a list! I'm intrigued about Warm Bodies. What's your choice for first book?

    1. I decided on Kiya: Hope for The Pharoah because it is a historical and i felt like reading something a little different :)

  2. Came your way via Goodreads Blog links....My worst pet peeve with Netgalley is many of the titles expire meaning even after you read the book you won't be able to access it again in the future to reread. That is the part I dislike. If you want me to review your book, at least let me keep it! lol

    1. So far i have only had that happen with one book. It depends on what format it is in.


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