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Review of Reed

24 Jul 2014


Reece Reed has her fair share of baggage. After an abusive childhood and a less than ideal love life she tends to keep people at arm’s length. When she is hired by the FBI she accepts hesitantly, knowing this will mean fostering relationships with coworkers. As she develops new equipment to investigate crime scenes, she also develops relationships with those around her. she begins to let her walls down and let herself believe she may be able to have a normal life. Just when she starts to think true love may be within her reach, her dark past comes back to haunt her. Will she ever be able to live without looking over her shoulder? 

Reed is an inspirational story about overcoming obstacles. It contains crime, romance, drama, action, and snarky sarcastic dialogue. Witty and compelling, if you are looking for a good read, then read Reed.


I have kind of mixed feelings on this book. The story starts with the recap of a truly horrific childhood that is told in a detached and analytic manner. I believe this may have been intentional as it would probably be "too much" otherwise and it fit with the character's personality, but it threw me for a loop as I expect to be emotionally invested in a book and the detached approach prevented me from really doing so. The timeline also jumps unexpectedly about eight years but doesn't actually inform you of said jump.

I enjoy reading about smarty pants women but this one was a bit of a stretch for me. She managed to pull off a bunch of doctorates in the span of a few years which didn't fly for me because of the whole research/thesis roadblock that is irrelevant to how smart or how determined you are.

The story did have a lot of elements that were great, such as severe emotional trauma, emotional growth, friendship, romance and suspense, but it just didn't quite pan out for me. Little details like the appearance of family in her life and how she handled a woman from her significant other's past just didn't feel realistic to me. Especially, for someone who has endured so much and should have some serious repressed rage.

In general, something just seemed to be lacking in the flow of the book, so I end up going through the motions rather than being caught up and captivated by it. I reviewed an ARC so there is always a chance some of the kinks will be ironed out before publishing.

* A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an HONEST review.*

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