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Review of The Next Forever

4 Feb 2013
The Next forever

Synopsis - from goodreads

One night in college can change everything…

Away at college, Amy just wants one night alone without her high school sweetheart, Joe. So when he invites her to go to the library, she heads off on her own instead. How she ended up at a house party with the mysterious bad-boy Trevor is another story…

Joe so isn’t going to the library. He needs space from Amy, too, so he’s decided to rush a fraternity, to get back the swagger he had in high school. But it doesn’t take long for the brothers to invite him to the real rush here the beer is flowing and one particular girl has set her eyes on Joe.

Over the course of one wild night, both Amy and Joe will have to decide if their futures belong with two new people, or whether the next forever will have their first loves in it


The Next Forever is a short, sweet NA romance novella. I liked that it only covered one night, it meant that the story didn’t feel rushed or like parts were missing which is something I often find with novellas.
This story shows one night at college for two of the author’s characters from her previous YA book Pretty Amy. I have not read Pretty Amy so I can attest to the fact that this book can be read by itself but you would probably love this book more if you have read Pretty Amy as it is a follow up to how the romance between Joe and Amy is going now they are at college.
I loved how this book the questioning of who you are that college students often face. It also showed the lows as well as the highs of a relationship. I really enjoyed watching the two characters think about their lives and deciding whether they liked the direction their lives were heading in. This book was surprisingly deep considering how short it was.
I also liked the way this book ended, it was perfect. If it had ended differently I don’t think I would have liked it. Overall I enjoyed this book and I hope Lisa Burstein writes a full length New Adult book in the future. I plan to go straight out and buy Pretty Amy because I loved these two characters and I want to see more about them including how they got together.


  1. I enjoyed this one too, Laura. Thanks for the review.

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