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Interview with Megan Cashman

9 Feb 2013

The Dark Proposal by Megan Cashman

The Dark Proposal
Synopsis - from goodreads

If your boyfriend suddenly reveals he's a vampire, and also wants to make you one or else...what would you do?

That is the dilemma college graduate Claire McCormick faces. Her life is turned upside down when her boyfriend Daniel Bertrand reveals he is a vampire who wants her to be his companion forever. But when Claire hesitates at his proposal, her life spirals down into a nightmare. She learns the true, sinister reason why Daniel wants her to become a vampire and has to choose between becoming an bloodthirsty monster or having her and her loved ones suffer.

WARNING: contains graphic content and strong language

Interview with Megan Cashman

Why did you decide to become an author

I always wanted to be an author, and last year I felt it was a good time to start writing and publishing books. I was unemployed at the time and I had been struggling for some time to find work, so it felt like the right time to start doing my lifelong dream.

How do you balance writing with other things in your life?

I make a schedule for myself. Since I work 9 - 5 and get home at about 6:30pm, I have certain days set aside where I do write. It's important to maintain your priorities when you have a busy life.

What are your favourite books?

Honestly, this is a difficult question to answer. I swear, my list changes so often. Probably The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. A beautifully written classic that captures the essence of humanity - the good, the bad and the ugly.

Are there any books/ authors that inspired you to write?

No, I never had a moment where I was reading a book and decided I wanted to write one myself. I actually feel I don't qualify as an author because of that!

Describe your book in one sentence.

A young woman is forced by her vampire boyfriend to choose eternity, or death to those she loves.

Where did you get the idea for this book, did anything inspire you to write it?

I had two inspirations. One, I was watching True Blood and I was thinking about what it would be like if a vampire came into my life before I realized that vampires are evil, so that started the development of Claire and Daniel's relationship. Two, I always wondered what would it be like for vampires living in our world with so much technology. How would they avoid being caught? How far would they go?

What made you decide to write an NA book?

I actually didn't decide because by the time I was done with The Dark Proposal, I hadn't yet heard of NA. But I did want my main character to be a college graduate because she was setting out on her own and learning to be an adult, though in many ways she's still a child.

What would you say makes your book unique and worth reading?

My vampires are not the sweet and sensitive type, they are malevolent.

Is there any specific message you wanted to convey in the book?

Not really. I think once I am done with this trilogy (there will be two follow-ups), I would have one.

What are your plans for future books?

I will write two follow-ups to The Dark Proposal, and then I have ideas for more urban fantasy and even historical fiction.

Do you have any hobbies and Interests unrelated to books?

I enjoy yoga, bellydance, rollerblading and learning new recipes.

Would you ever consider putting these interests into any of your books?

Maybe belly dancing because I enjoy it so much and I find it to be a beautiful and feminine dance.

About the Author

Author Bio:
Staten Island native Megan Cashman is a freelance journalist with an MA in journalism under her belt. She has worked in cable news channels, both local and national.When Megan is not writing, she is either playing volleyball, doing yoga, listening to her iTunes, learning bellydance and new dinner recipes. She enjoys books that take her to a different world, and/or change the way she sees the world, and she hopes to do the same for her readers.


My Thoughts

I think this book sounds really interesting, it has actually been on my wishlist for a while. I like books that have evil vampires in them; i find it preferable to books where the vampires are nice and just misunderstood. What do you think?


  1. Looking forward to reading it :) and great interview! :)

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