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Giveaway and review of Avadonya

1 Feb 2013
Synopsis - from goodreads

Genre: Fantasy Romance (Mature YA/New Adult)

*For MATURE audiences (17 years and older)*: Contains a mature theme, references to incestuous relations, abuse, and sexual scenes (not extremely explicit, but still not suitable for young teens).

On the planet of Avadonya, handsome yet brutal men called the Beasts raid a small Bormian village, kidnapping young women and girls of ripe age to be their servants and sex slaves. A young Beast named Romi wins the youngest captive Pavra in a challenge and takes her as his prize to save her from the hands of the other Beasts. As the years pass and Pavra transitions into womanhood, she and Romi fall in love and thus ensues their romance.

Meanwhile, twins Gael and Gion head a group of young Bormians to rescue their younger sister Pavra and the other females taken on that fatal night two years ago. Will the eleven young Bormians be able to battle these shapeshifting Beasts, who outnumber them, and are just as deadly in their beastly incarnation? Not to mention the other dangers they must face along the way, even before they reach the Beasts’ lair.

Adventure, romance, and surprises are in store for this band of brave heroes as they encounter fairies, ogres, gigantic creatures, shapeshifters and other friends and foe on their courageous rescue mission.


I love fantasy books, it is my favourite genre, but this is the first NA fantasy I have read so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I really enjoyed it. At times it reminded me of a C. S. Lewis style fantasy book but with a much more mature feel. One section with trolls where the bad ones can only ever lie and good ones can only ever tell the truth seemed like it could be out of the Chronicles of Narnia (it isn’t though). If it wasn’t for some of the more sexual themes of this book it would be perfect for a YA audience, so if you love YA but wish it were a little more grown up this is a book for you.

The POV alternates between several different people and the time alternates between current time when the rescue is happening and what has happened to Pavra which spans the two years from when she was first taken to present time. Because of this, the book could have easily got confusing but in my opinion Terra manages to make it very clear what is going on and the alternating times worked very well.
I really liked the characters though as there were so many of them I hope that there is another book so we can see more of the ones we didn’t get to find out much about. All the characters have their own interesting stories and developed personalities. My favourite was Bara who has spent 18 years pretending to be a boy so that she won’t get taken and even though everyone now knows she is a girl it makes things somewhat awkward with the guy she likes. My other favourites were Romi, the seemingly ferocious beast who actually has a heart of gold and Janea, the mischievous fairy princess.

I found Avadonya to be enjoyable and unique and i think it is worth reading. The plot was good, the romances were suprisingly sweet and well written and as i have already mentioned the characters are brilliant. I am not sure if this is part of a series but i hope it is because i want to see more of this world.

This book is not as sexual as the synopsis might lead you to believe so don't let it scare you away. As long as you dont mind the occasional, not overly explicit sex scene you will be fine.

*I recieved a copy of this book in exchange for an HONEST review, this has not affected my opinions in any way*


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  1. it is a really good book, I hope there will be a sequel!! :)

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