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Mini Reviews - Slide, Kiya: Hope Of The Pharoah, Yours To Uncover

11 Sep 2014
Mini reviews are a new little thing here at Bookish Treasures. You see, sometimes it is hard to find a lot to say about a book. Maybe it is hard to write a long review without including spoilers or maybe the book didn't really inspire us and we don't have much to say. Sometimes it might even be that for whatever reason we were unable to write a review after finishing the book and though we can still remember our feelings for the book easily, we can't remember the details clearly enough for a long review. Or maybe it is just a very short book so there isn't much to talk about! Whatever the reason, we still want to share our thoughts on these books with you so expect the occasional bunch of mini-reviews!

Slide synopsis

This book drew me in right away with the heroine’s emotional plight.  Evangeline is basically shipped off to her grandparents following a profound tragedy and has now been recalled to her former life.  She is exceedingly wealthy but she doesn’t come across as spoiled.  In fact, she is quite relatable.  She is not a blushing virgin or a complete commitment-phobe like some characters.  She is real, with a real sexual appetite and real insecurities and yet is remarkably pragmatic about things.  The hero, Ryan, is portrayed as the typical, sexy womanizer who finds himself intrigued but it works.  His transformation is gradual and his reasons for emotional distance are clearly explained.  This isn’t a case of instalove where the hero sudden turns into a stalker.  Sure, he makes one hell of an effort but it doesn’t come across as creepy or implausible. 
I can’t say I was thrilled with the direction things took as I am not a huge fan of women hiding certain things but I can’t argue much with a happy ending and I enjoyed the emotional ups and downs the book took to reach it. 
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Kiya: Hope Of The Pharoah synopsis

This is such a unique, individual and special New Adult book. It is set in ancient Egypt and follows Kiya, an 18 year old girl who becomes one of the Pharoah's many wives. This book certainly isn't your typical romance though it does have some romance in it. Kiya loves her husband in a way though it is more respect, friendship and the desire to do right by him than true romantic love.

I loved that there was so much to the story and all of the characters have depth. This book has such an epic feel and promises great things from the rest of the series.

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This book held a lot of potential but it was just much too rushed - and no I'm not talking about the actual length of the book. This book has insta-love to the extreme, think having sex after sharing pretty much nothing more than a sentence or two, declaring eternal love close to immediately after and then trying to get married all in the span of a day or two.
The synopsis made it seem like this book would be so much more exciting but it was a little bit of a let down. This is not one of the better Sci-Fi Romances I have read.
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