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Introducing NA Paranormal Month

15 Sep 2014
As you know I am a loud and proud supporter of the NA category and I love to support everything it has to offer. Contemporary romance novels completely dominate NA and have for a while now but MY personal favourites are the paranormal novels. To help support these amazing books and the authors that write them I have decided to run a NA Paranormal Month throughout November here on Bookish Treasures. I hope to fill the month with lots of reviews, author interviews, guest posts, excerpts and more as well as a few individual giveaways and a huge bumper giveaway.

If you are an author of NA paranormal novels interested in participating please let me know as soon as possible as going off past events I have ran I am expecting spots to fill up fast. It will be roughly first come first serve but not entirely as I want a good mix of known and as yet unknown authors as well as a variety of books and post types. You need to have at least one NA paranormal book either currently available or releasing within a few months.

We are probably going to have a post a day as well as lots of fun stuff happening on facebook. We cant wait for November and hope you feel the same!


  1. Oh! This is cool because I love NA.. and I love the paranormal category in fiction.. xD

  2. I know author A.G. Howard is working on a paranormal NA, but it never occured to me to look and see what was already out there. I am not a Contemporary Romance person at all, so, so far I haven't bothered to look at any NA. This feature will be a good thing for me. :)

  3. I followed via Bloglovin' so I don't miss any. :)

  4. This sounds fantastic and I'd love to participate but I only just found this email. Any chance there's any openings left? (The Naming of Legends series came out this year and is NA paranormal)

  5. Ooh, we'd love to get in on this! authortonidecker at gmail (Images Eternal came out this month)

  6. I publish NA paranormal as Lyla Payne (the Lowcountry Ghost books - NOT QUITE DEAD and NOT QUITE COLD). I'd love to participate!! lylapayneauthor at gmail dot com!


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