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Review of How to Kill Your Boss

9 Aug 2014

Because murder is cheaper than therapy.

Tatum Wood murders her boss on a daily basis. Daydreams, real dreams, it doesn’t matter. In her opinion, it’s better than therapy. That is until he takes a swan dive off the roof of a building and all evidence points to her as the main suspect.

Enter Franklin Reed, her mysterious, overprotective and drop-dead gorgeous coworker. His injection into her life couldn’t have come at a better time. Two men are brutally attacked across the hall from her apartment and she has a stalker with a penchant for roses.

Franklin is all too eager to play the hero in and out of bed. Their attraction is undeniable, their heat level, searing. As they scramble to discover who’s behind the murders, secrets are unearthed that call to question Franklin’s motives as well as his identity. Tatum discovers that life is never what you expect and love isn’t always hearts and flowers. Sometimes, it lurks in the shadows and bites you on the ass when you least expect it.

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First thoughts? This was one odd book. The dark humor associated with fantasizing about murdering her boss appealed to me because, frankly, I have a slightly warped sense of humor. Unfortunately, there were other odd things in the book that didn't appeal to me in the same manner.

First and foremost was that the synopsis didn't quite correlate to the book. I kept waiting for the boss to die and was confused when the event didn't take place until the midpoint of the story. To be fair, everything noted in the synopsis does happen but the order and emphasis on events in the story is not consistent.

Second, I couldn't seem to grasp why the heroine was willing to have sex with the hero when she wasn't sure whether she hated him, loved him or thought that he was a creepy, delusional stalker. The love/hate thing I could have probably been persuaded of but I felt the need to settle the stalker question prior to rolling around in a bed.

I enjoyed the action and I enjoyed the female friend the heroine picked up along the way. I also enjoyed that there was an actual mystery. Unfortunately, the hero didn't endear himself to me. I enjoyed him in the beginning but as the weird back-story came to light, I started to lose interest in him. Especially if he was entitled to attempt a normal life when he deprived someone else of the same opportunity.

And, on the final note... If a story is going to focus on the fantasy of murdering one's boss, there should be clear evidence that it would be pure karmic retribution. The boss was not a nice guy but there really wasn't much focus on his grievous faults as a human being prior to his death.

*A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an HONEST review*

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