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Review of Fall

7 Aug 2014


A savagely wicked new adult sci-fi serial blasts off with Fall, the first installment in The Cold Mark Saga...

Only one thousand Humans survived The Travel from the shattered Earth. Some Humans say it was their penance for crushing such beauty. Eighteen-year-old Braita merely thought it was pathetic - pathetic that her people had been that blind.

Now, the Humans live in the solar system, Kline, where three planets are habitable. Joyal, the smallest planet, is embraced by the Humans - their family to love as they had never loved Earth. Though a planet covered mainly in water is dangerous real estate to dwell upon.

Their worry turns into devastating reality when Braita’s blessed village is struck by a tsunami. Population numbers must be kept to a minimum. Drastic measures must be taken. Braita’s life is twisted in brutality when she is chosen as one of the three hundred Humans to be removed from Joyal…and sent to the Mian, the aliens to fear, on the planet Triaz.

Thrown head first into a barbaric world she knows nothing of, Braita must adapt to a dark life as a slave of the Mian society. Her existence depends on it…and possibly, the fall of her heart.

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This book is rather fantastic. Fall introduces us to the world and the characters in the Cold Mark Saga as well as being a great little read in its own right. I often find that the start of serials can be pretty boring as they focus too much on introduction and nothing really happens but that wasn't the case here. For such a short book, Fall packs one hell of a punch!

I like Braita, she is one heck of a tough cookie and does a good job of staying afloat when her whole world is turned upside down. The planet she ends up on is a patriarchal warrior like society with a lifestyle that adds interest and conflict into the book.

I didn't really understand the reasoning behind 300 of the remaining humans being sent to other planets. It seemed to be a survival of the species type thing but considering they are all split up to be slaves they can hardly continue the human race. I'm probably missing something but it could have done with being clearer as I am not the type to not get something. Normally I'm the person explaining the reasoning behind an event in a book to other people :P

The only slight issue, I was expecting this book to be a full length novel and it is in fact a short novella. However, that disappointment about length was entirely my fault as in my excitement about this book I didn't look to find out how long it was. The fact it is a serial is now mentioned in the synopsis so hopefully less people will make the same mistake I did.

This doesn't end too much on a cliffhanger but it did leave me incredibly excited for the next book. I am loving the Cold Mark Saga so far and hope that book 2 isn't a long wait. Especially as I am guessing it will also be rather short! Scarlett Dawn is a fantastic writer of non-contemporary New Adult novels and this is a great addition to her available works.

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