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Exclusive Excerpt - A Need So Insatiable

13 Jan 2014
This week I am celebrating my 1 year blogaversary and the lovely Cecilia Robert has given me an excerpt of her upcoming release A Need So Insatiable to share with you all. To enter the amazing giveaways that I have to celebrate by blogaversary please go here :D

A Need So Insatiable by Cecilia Robert


You've owned me from the moment I walked into that music room. You've wrapped yourself in my heart and mind. I can’t get you out. I don’t want to.” ~ Rafael Van Rees

Sophie Fisher’s life is on fire. If she’s not ducking around corners or slipping out of windows to escape the debt collectors her father's death has left knocking on her door, she’s dealing with her rebellious, fifteen-year-old sister, Lilli. And, as if that’s not enough, Rafael Van Rees crashes into her life—literally—bringing with him a past the public has no idea of. Can she unravel his mysteries before he unravels her, or will his presence finally force her to face the demons she's trying to outrun?

Rafael Van Rees, maestro extraordinaire, prides himself on being in control of his destiny, music and women. As far as he is concerned, his past is a black cloud in the distance--until he meets Sophie, that is, and his world spins out of control in more ways than one. He knows the darkest sins and secrets eventually reveal themselves, but when it comes to Sophie, he'll stop at nothing to protect her from his past. Even if it kills him.

Releases February 2014

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I spin around to face Rafael, irritated at my own feelings for this man. How can he act like nothing happened, like there isn't this connection between us, when I feel all flustered and turned on with just a look from him?

“You kissed me. Twice. Well it wasn't really a kiss but you look so. . . so. . . unaffected. Didn't you feel anything?” I say, gripping the files in my hand.

He raises his right brow, studying me in that inscrutable way he does everything. He pushes away from his desk, and prowls toward me, the exposed muscles on his forearms shifting with every inch his long legs swallow up between us.

“Believe me, I did,” he says, halting in front of me. He tugs free the files clutched in my hands, and tosses them on the table by the door. He lowers his head a notch, and my lips parts slightly, my body gravitating toward him. “You have a beautiful mouth. I'm so damn enthralled I can't think straight every time I look at you. So don't go thinking for a second that I didn't enjoy kissing you. You're not ready for my kiss, Sophie.”

My stomach clenches at the way he says my name.

Oh, I am ready. I feel as if I've been ready, waiting for him to kiss me all my life.

He inches closer. His smell, and the heat coming off him slams into me as he slips one arm around my waist, spinning me around so my back is pressed against his hard stomach. He yanks me back, my shoulder hitting his chest, my butt pressing to his pelvis. My breathing speeds up as his erection presses onto my butt through our clothes. He slides his hands down my waist to grip my hips, then flattens one palm to my stomach. My skin tingles as his warm breath fans the sensitive area behind my ear, sending shiver after shiver scattering all over my body. I toss my head back to his chest, and shut my eyes tight, trying to take one breath at a time, but I can't. His nearness is too overwhelming, his scent freaking' intoxicating.

“When I finally kiss you, really kiss you, baby,” he says in a dark, low voice. “There'll be no room for doubt in your mind about my feelings for you. You will feel me fill every little part of this curvy beautiful body of yours. I won't just kiss you, Sophie. I'll be priming you for what I've wanted to do to you from the fucking second I saw you.”

He traces his tongue along the shell of my ear, then gently nips my earlobe. His hand leaves my hip, brushing his knuckles softly along my cheek, then slides it across my belly. Dropping his arms from my body, he turns and walks away, the heels of his ankle boots clicking on the polished tile floor.

Sweet freakin' Jesus! What the hell am I supposed to do with all these. . . feelings he bombarded me with? My stupid knees feel like someone melted my kneecaps. My body wants to chase after him while thumping my chest, roaring like a Viking, and tackle him down, but my feet feel like fucking lead!

Having nothing to tether me to the ground, I slump forward, grabbing the door knob to keep my body up. I press my forehead on the cool wood surface, while breathing deeply to stop my lungs from giving out.

“Let me know if you need any help with the projects, or anything.” He says the last word in a low, soon-you'll-be-all-mine-to-devour voice, and just like that, he annihilates every single cell in my brain.

I jerk around to face Rafael, leaning back on his chair, his expression once again, unreadable.


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