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As Lush As It Gets Excerpt

14 Jan 2014
As part of my 1 year blogaversary celebrations I am happy today to be sharing an exclusive excerpt of As Lush As It gets by Selena Laurence. To stay in the loop about this book and when it will be releasing follow Selena on Twitter or Facebook :)

As Lush As It Gets by Selena Laurence

“I think I’ve died and gone to heaven,” he rasps out.

I gasp as he leans over me, devouring my mouth while his hands begin exploring my breasts, kneading and stroking them through my satin bra. With more skill than I want to contemplate, he quickly twists the front clasp and releases the girls from their prison, then he pulls back and simply stares down at me for a moment.

“My God,” he whispers. “You’re absolutely perfect.”

I feel my cheeks heat and shake my head. “Please don’t say that, you’ll only end up disappointed.”

He puts his hand alongside my face, his thumb rubbing lightly on my lower lip. “Never, Mel. Never. Even your imperfections are perfect to me. That’s what I mean. You are perfect to me. For me. With me. You’re meant to be mine.”

His words render me speechless. My heart is jumping in my chest, and I feel something aching and tingly spread from my center to my arms and legs, my hands and feet. I wonder if this is how Tammy feels with Walsh. This wave of pain and pleasure and utter panic because the idea that this would ever end is almost more than I can fathom. I feel my eyes burn and I know I’m seconds from breaking down. My heart is overloaded. Its circuits not designed for this much strain.

He looks down at me, and his eyes are so serious, it’s like he can see everything that’s flashing through my mind. As though he senses me on a level, in a place, that words can’t find. “Sshh, sweet Mel,” he coos. “Just breathe. We’re going to be okay. You’ll get used to it. The feeling. I promise. We both will. Just breathe.”


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