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New Adult Readathon Challenge - Book Spine Poetry (with giveaway and a free book)

26 Jul 2013
*If you aren't participating in the NA Readathon a) you should - it isn't too late b) there is a free book for everyone at the bottom of this post :) *

Welcome to day 5 of the New Adult readathon! Hopefully you are all having lots of fun and have read lots of amazing books. Today I am hosting a challenge with a giveaway and don't forget that tomorrow (Saturday) is our twitter chat at 7pm GMT using the hashtag #NARead .
The challenge I am hosting is Book Spine Poetry, simple in theory, a bit trickier in practice. The idea is to create a poem using the book titles on the spine of books. Here is my attempt (I know it's pretty terrible but it gives you an idea of how it works).
It reads -
If you find me rogue across the universe, unravelling
Wake the hunt dark inside, everlost, everlasting
Now I am AWFUL at poetry, so hopefully you can all come up with something much better. You can do this with the physical books you own or just titles from books on your ereader / on your goodreads to read shelf. Please share your Book Spine Poem in the comments either directly or by linking elsewhere. Don't worry if it is short and simple, just have fun and remember you can win things. Any one who makes an attempt can enter to win.

Hopefully mine being so terrible will mean non of you will be too embarrassed to try. Also go and check out todays other challenge which is Reading Playlist over at Diana M Long.
To enter the giveaway you must have signed up your goals for the readathon in the linky at the bottom of this page. It is not to late to join and if you don't have a blog you can do a tweet, facebook status, goodreads shelf etc.


Enter in the rafflecopter below. The only requirement is to have signed up for the New Adult readathon but you can gain extra entries by following my blog.

The Prizes

Paperbacks of Broken Promises and Broken Dreams by Dawn Pendleton. This will be chosen from the entries in the rafflecopter. I also may do an extra prize for the best poem.

Oh and Broken Promises is FREE on Amazon so even if you don't win you can get this New Adult book for no cost :)
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sign up for the NA Readathon (must to win) 


If you leave a comment I promise to cherish it forever :) I will also try to always reply.