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Goodbye Google Reader!

1 Jul 2013
As most of you probably know Google Reader (a popular way of reading and following blogs) is shutting down today. If you use Google Reader don't forget to start to use something else to follow your favourite blogs. Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin' both work in a similar way (at least that is what I have heard; I have never used Google reader myself.) Subscribing by email is probably one of the best ways to follow as you get blogpost direct to your inbox so you never miss anything. Most blogs also have twitter and facebook.

All the ways you can follow me are in the right sidebar. If you use Google Reader please follow me some other way and if you don't then please feel free to still follow me some extra ways! :P Thank you.


  1. I still haven't figured out if GFC is staying or not. I added Bloglovin' just in case, but have noticed a few people haven't.

    1. From what I have heard GFC is staying for now but there is a chance it may be shut down in the future.


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