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10 Signs You Might Be A Bookaholic

19 Jan 2015
The fact you are reading this post means you likely love books but are you a true bookaholic! Here is my handy guide to see just how crazy about books you are :)

You occasionally turn down invitations to go out because you are in the middle of a good book.

Hearing someone say "I don't like books" is almost as bad as them saying "I like to kick puppies".

The woosh-thump of a book coming through your letterbox is the most heavenly sound on earth.

Your brain calculates cost in terms of books. "Those jeans are nice but they are 8 paperbacks".

You plan your life around book releases. After all, you KNOW what you will be doing the day book 2 (/3/4/5/...) in your favourite series releases.

Forget musicians and actors (unless they are in a book adaptation), authors are the real rockstars you fangirl over.

The quickest way for someone to be unfriended is to return a book you lent them in a less than perfect condition.

You say goodbye to your books collection before going anywhere for an extended period of time.

If there was a house fire the first thing you would save would be your favourite books (second thing if you have pets).

Hearing someone say they love one of your favourite books = instant best friend.


  1. Hahah I can relate to most of these except the saying goodbye to my books thing! But yeah, I have definitely turned down a couple of nights out to finish regrets! And if someone loves one of my favourite books that is a bit of an obscure one then that is instant friendship!

    Beth x

  2. Love this!!!!! The whole saving the books thing has played on my mind a few times...and also how I would carry them all downstairs and juggle the cat at the same time :)

  3. These are so true!
    Nights in reading > Going out :)
    Great post!

  4. "You plan your life around book releases. After all, you KNOW what you will be doing the day book 2 (/3/4/5/...) in your favourite series releases." = YES! 100% True.


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