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The New (and Possibly Better!) Alternative to Facebook

26 Dec 2014
Hi Guys!

I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas. I wanted to let you know about a fantastic new social media site I have discovered called Tsu. Tsu acts as an alternative to Facebook and at first glance it appears very similar. The reason why authors and bloggers are loving it so far is that unlike Facebook it doesn't hide posts from you so if you choose to follow or friend someone you will get to see everything they post not just what Facebook deems most important (which is always just silly viral videos of no interest).

I have only just joined Tsu but I am enjoying it so far and I think it has incredible potential. Those who have been using it for a long time keep on saying how amazing it is - especially the fact that ALL followers and friends see posts.

At the moment this site is obviously quieter than facebook but once more people have joined I think it will be amazing. You need an invite to join so if you aren't on it already click HERE. If you enjoy following my blog please follow or friend me on Tsu at it appears to be the best way for me to share sales, free reads and exciting news with you. Other bloggers and authors - consider trying it for yourself!


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