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Review of Soundtracks Of A Life

1 Jun 2014


At the tender age of 14, Lorelai, suffers the traumatic loss of both parents in a fatal airplane disaster only to be met four years later with the sudden death of her sister. It is only her love of music which keeps her from being swallowed up by her deep depression.

During her college sophomore year, her life takes a turn for the better when she decides to start a band filled with other extremely talented musicians and rather cute classmates.

Quickly gaining notoriety and building a loyal following, the band is approached by a hot shot manager but being under the wing of the powerful Susan Carmichael comes with a catch - Absolutely no relationships between the band members! Unfortunately, Lorelai is already helplessly in love with a fellow band mate.

Still fighting the demons of her tragic past, these new feelings of love and a sickening fear of possible loss, Lorelai is caught up in a downward spiral that eventually puts her life at great risk and drives a wedge between her and the love of her life.

Now, In order to win him back she must prove that she is fully committed to life.

Become your own fan of Lorelai and the band as you revel in the amazing growth and transformation of these powerful but vulnerable souls in their search for meaning and fulfillment. Experience Lorelai’s personal journey as she battles her own demons, discovers a brand new family through the friends that she finds, and ultimately through love finds a new reason for living.

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Let me start with the negatives, there are only a few, but they are rather major negative things. I almost gave up on this book early on, completely frustrated by the tense in which the story was written. It just wasn’t clicking for me. Something about how it was written just rubbed me wrong. The grammatical errors also were driving me a little crazy but after a while they stopped bothering me.

I am glad I never gave up on the book. The story was really compelling in the end. Especially when Lori’s demons began to rock the life she had created and finally found herself living.

This rockstar love story wasn’t all about sex and drugs like so many others are. What ultimately drove Lorelai were her inner demons about her family. A person who suffers the kind of loss she does questions life, why everyone she loves dies and her inner turmoil makes sense to the readers. You understand where her dark moments and thoughts come from.
The story really focused on how music helped Lori cope with the tragedies she has faced in her life. Her band is precious to her and their road to fame is fast but well deserved. The story itself is a rollercoaster, there are so many happy moments that are plagued by the bad. There is always a dark hole waiting to take over, and there are times that Lori allowed that to happen.

You can’t help but root for Lori, the band and her relationship with Chris. You just want everything to work out for her after all of the horrible deaths she has witnessed in her life. You want the band to succeed after seeing how much they care for each other.
Although there are things that must be overcome when reading this story, the plot itself makes the story worthwhile. The story is different then many NA books, but it is compelling none the less.
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