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Review of Besieged

14 Mar 2014


What would you do if you were granted millions of pounds and a face that melts the underwear off of any woman? Meet Theodore Ellis, the business man who parties like a rock star, and has more women than he has room on his bed post to put the notches.

Meet Lilly Parker. With a difficult past; Lilly is cold, closed off and emotionally unavailable in every way. Don't go thinking she's the sweet and innocent victim though, she plays the game better than most men, and is the original use and abuse woman.

She's built her walls ten feet high and topped with razor wire, but Theo is relentless in the face of a challenge and Lilly finds herself besieged by him. Can he get in her pants? Or will the unsuspecting man whore go a step further and finally tear down her walls? Unlikely.

This is no hearts and flowers love story, it is a battle of wills as a woman who trusts no-one denies a man who has never been denied.

Cue fireworks as female sass meets alpha male tenacity.

Besieged will make you laugh, fantasize and perhaps even shed a tear.

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This book was fantastic, plain and simple. It starts off from the perspective of the all too familiar manwhore character, Theo. He’s shameless in his pursuits and has no desire for a different way of life. Then he encounters the heroine and she lays down a gauntlet he just can’t resist. This is part of why I love this book so much. He doesn’t go through an instant transformation, he simply finds himself entertained by her tactics and, when presented with an opportunity, desperate to conquer her. This is something I can buy into much more than the typical scenario of the man finding himself desperately attracted to someone at first sight for no apparent reason.
The heroine, Lilly, is badass. She is the unapologetic modern woman most single women aspire to be. She doesn’t confuse sex with emotions, she exerts total control over her sex life, and she never, ever lets herself be played. She is attracted to Theo but refuses to be conquered in bed by a player and has little respect for his slew of conquests. This leads to an entertaining battle of wills where each character demonstrates their impressive skills of seduction.
It is made pretty clear upfront that Lilly’s formidable persona is meant to protect her extremely vulnerable core. The extent of her vulnerability is gradually revealed in a natural progression as is Theo’s transition from a manwhore to a loving boyfriend. There is a lot of steamy sex in this book and after a certain point I have to admit to skimming some of the sex scenes because I was anxious to see the plot develop. That’s not to say that the scenes were stale in any way but I’m not quite sold on the sex to plot ratio. There was plenty of the requisite heartbreak in this story and, unfortunately, it ends on a bitter note. I saw the final conflict a mile away but it didn’t detract from the story because it fit so well and is devastatingly effective.
I really enjoyed this book because while there was the typical fantastically rich, sex-on-a-stick, male character, the female lead was absolutely awesome and completely captivating. The alternating POVs were a perfect fit as well and I can’t seem to resist a shameless man’s perspective these days. I will anxiously await the next book and will just have to bide my time contemplating the following quote from the book…Diamonds are made under pressure.
*A copy of this book was received in exchange for an honest review.*
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