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Abbi Glines birthday bash - Abbi Glines book signing

16 Apr 2013

Today is the birthday of one of my favourite New Adult authors, the amazing Abbi Glines! She is such a great author with so many fans that i am only one of many bloggers doing a post for her birthday, you can check out other posts here.

Two days ago (sunday) was a great day for me as i got to meet this fantastic author. Abbi is currently in the UK doing a few signings, in fact there is one tonight in London if you want to see her. This was my first time EVER attending a book event. Until then i had never been able to attend a signing or any blogger events i got invited to.

Abbi's two UK publishers - Simon & Schuster and Hot Key Books hosted an exclusive event were we got to meet Abbi, get free copies of her books signed and just chat to her for two hours. After sneaking in a little late (i may have gotten lost in central London :P) we were all asking her lots of questions about her books, future projects and just general things about books and where she lived. Did you know that in Alabama they call ANY kind of soda a coke? That must be so confusing!

After talking about how she was liking England and her confusion over what a bidet was, we got to have our books signed. I now have so many different versions of Abbi's books it is ridiculous; original ebooks, new version ebooks and the UK paperbacks, unfortunately i don't have an original print Vincent Boys (i would kill for a copy of that original self-published version :P). But anyway i now have signed copies of The Vincent Boys, The Vincent Brothers, Because Of Low, While It Lasts and Just For Now.


Unfortunately i don't have Breathe to complete the set but the new version doesn't publish for another few months and these are still more signed Abbi Glines books than i ever thought i would have.

As i know that Abbi has lots of fans who probably won't be able to get to a signing i took a copy of The Vincent Boys with me to get signed and i will be giving it away soon, maybe in a week or two. You can't say that i don't love you lot :P

All in all, despite feeling like the spawn of the devil for walking in late, i had a great afternoon with one of my favourite authors, some of her other fans, her publicists (i envy their jobs but one day hopefully that will be me) and people who i know over twitter but never before met. Casey from Dark Readers and Vivienne from Serendipity Reviews are just a nice in person as they seem online.

Oh and i got a picture taken with Abbi! Normally i hide from cameras but i had to have a record of having met her.

If you haven't checked out any of Abbi's books then you really should. She writes great books and she is so good at interacting with her fans. I hope Abbi has a great birthday whilst here in the UK :)

Check out abbi and her books here -

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The organisors of the birthday bash have arranged a giveaway for 1 paperback of Fallen Too Far, 1 paperback of The Vincent Boys and some swag. Make sure to enter as these books are amazing. Also don't forget to check back at my blog to enter for that signed copy :D Good luck.

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  1. Happy birthday Abbi! I hope you're having fun in London!

  2. Happy Birthday Abbi! I love her books!

  3. This giveaway is AWESOME ! Happy birthday Abbi, keep writing ! Your books are great ;)

  4. Abbi, I hope you have a fabulous birthday. Thank you so much for giving me incredible books to read. Feel free to continue for many years to come. ;)

  5. Awesome give away. Hope you had a wonderful birthday Abbi!

  6. Yes, that's how we are. All colas/sodas are called Coke. It's not confusing at all actually. People see you getting a certain kind of Coke, and that's what they'll always get you when you say "Yes." to "Do you want a Coke?". Like, my Mama drinks Dr. Pepper, and we know that's what to always gets her. And, I drink Sprite myself.
    Also, it doesn't happen just here in Alabama, either. I spent most my life in Mississippi, and same thing happens there. And, I used to sit up in a flea market in Crump, Tennessee, and it happens there as well. I think it's a Southern thing, and not state-specific.


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