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Release day - By My Side by Stephanie Witter

29 Mar 2013
Today is an exciting day as it is the release of By My Side by Stephanie Witter. Stephanie is like me one of the moderators of the New Adult book club. I haven't yet had the pleasure of reading By My Side but i have been beta reading one of Stephanie's other books and she is an incredible author. By My Side is a YA contemporary and it is her debut novel.

By My Side by Stephanie Witter 

By My Side


Lily Saunders sees her family falling apart. Her father is deserting her, and her mother is drinking more and more. Even sarcasm can't help Lily. When she thinks her best friend, Andy Green, will help her, she discovers how his blinding jealousy will mess everything up.

And then Gabe Green comes back home. She thinks it'll be like always between them—sarcasms and curses thrown at each other—but she's mistaken. He's different, and understands right away the problems she's trying to keep for herself.

But even if he's there for her, making her fall hard, they both know it'll end soon. Because at their age, you can't expect forever. Right?

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About the Author

Stephanie's Bio

Twenty-something writing contemporary young-adult and new-adult novels.

I'm French and I live in Rouen where I drink too much coffee and tea.
I started taking english classes when I was barely four and I never really stopped since then.

When I'm writing I'm always listening to music - rock, pop rock, punk, hard rock, alternative rock, etc - because it helps me to focus on my story and forget the world outside.

I'm often writing in libraries because at home there's always something else I want to do or twitter calling my name. Yes, twitter is another addiction for me. The first one is books of course.

My biggest dream right now would be to be a full time writer. I know, I'm not the only one. I put all my hopes in Patch Up, the last new-adult novel I wrote. Cross your fingers with me!

But right now, you can add the first novel I ever wrote entitled By My Side.

Thank you and if you want to contact me, feel free! I love to talk about books.

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